OTAK Construction unsurpassed attention to detail and overall service in all areas of the construction project has enabled OTAK Construction to cement a place at the forefront of the sports construction market. We have a broad knowledge and extensive experience in sports facility construction. We use professional equipment and have a dedicated and highly skilled in-house construction workforce, which aids us in providing superior quality sports facility to our clients.

Our dedicated Construction, Installation and Maintenance department are involved in all aspects of your facility construction. Before each project starts, our experienced civil engineers and technical staff perform a pre-inspection of the site. This includes a review of pitch dimensions, drainage, soil composition and more which if not examined can sometimes lead to problems during installation. We allocate one of our experienced Project Managers to each installation, who oversees each key element enabling us to guarantee a quality, professional new sports pitch that meets professional testing requirements should it need to. Boasting years of experience in construction, renovation, drainage and constructing natural and artificial fields, our team can do it all. But our sports turf construction service doesn’t stop there! We also have a team of irrigation specialists that will make sure your new turf will be long lasting.