Sports floodlighting is a vital consideration when planning your sports area. Having a well-lit area can improve revenue as it means your area can be used day and night. As part of our ancillary design services, we will offer you how to light your area efficiently as lighting systems can vary in layout and orientation according to your needs. Lighting systems come in a variety of layouts and orientations to meet sport specific lux levels dictated by the type and standard of sport being played.

OTAK Construction has good connections with key suppliers so we can offer galvanised steel columns, either static or raise and lower, ranging from 6m to 28m. We also offer multiple types of floodlighting whether metal halide or led lamps with accurate aiming and dependable light coverage. We can offer floodlighting systems that satisfy every requirement involved with sports lighting, from initial design concepts to planning and installation.

There are many ways in which lighting systems can be adapted to meet individual requirements, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your proposed scheme and how we can provide the right system to suit the specific location. All our systems are installed to standards and are certified appropriately.

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