We at OTAK believe that the fencing system is the second most important aspect of design for any sports facility, whether domestic or commercial, second only to the surfacing. There are several benefits to having fencing, firstly you can have multiple games going on without interrupting each other with balls crossing onto other pitches. It also increases safety for the users of your playing field and ball retention.

It is vital that this is given great understood at the design stage to ensure that the optimum fence style is installed for the specific purpose of the facility. OTAK Construction offer a wide range of systems. All our systems are available in a wide range of heights and colours and can be tailor-made to suit the location, specification and style of a given project also to provide several benefits for natural and artificial sports surfaces, such as:

  • Site security
  • Improved ball retention
  • Reduced contamination

The main types of perimeter sports fencing we offer are:            

Ball stop netting

Mainly used on natural grass pitches, ball stop netting can be installed in ground sockets at a height of 3-6m or as a cost-effective alternative to increase perimeter fence height.

Spectator Fencing

Usually installed at 1.2-2m high, spectator fencing comes in a variety of forms from wooden post and rail to filled or unfilled weldmesh through to heavy duty portable plastic systems.

Chain link

A budget rolled system supported on angle irons used mainly on tennis and netball courts where ball to fence interaction is low, installed typically at a height of 2.75m or 3m.

Rolled weldmesh

An intermediate rolled system comprising weldmesh installed onto posts with tensile line wires, installed typically at a height of 3m or 4m.
Used mainly on Hockey pitches with a 2.50m high treated timber kickboard or on Multi Use Games Areas where ball to fence interaction is light or moderate.

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